Saturday, January 7, 2012


This is likely to be a series of posts.  Something different from other things that I have done before.  My wife recently received a used knitting machine, which is in need of some new parts, TLC and liberal amounts of oil.  So far the journey has consisted in web surfing for information about the machine.

So here is the 411 on the machine.  It is a 1980's vintage Silver-Reed SK-360 which most likely was purchased in Canada as it was badged as a Studio.  For its time it was a higher end machine with built in 24 stitch punch card control, and a KR-6/7 pattern tracking device.  Singer billed it as Knit Radar, however, the device is entirely mechanical.  I'd love to tell you that it was gently used, but that isn't the case.  When we got it, it was missing all of the manuals, most of the tools and the knitting carriage assembly.  In addition many of the needles are bent, and the needle retainer is shot.

There will be more to this later as the parts arrive and I bring this mechanical marvel back to life.

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