Sunday, January 8, 2012

Resurection Update 1

Nothing major to report.  In the last two days the 50 pack of new needles arrived and has been set aside until other needed items arrive.  I also received a set of tools (Latch tool, Transfer tools, Needle Pusher).

Still waiting on the standard knit carriage, lubricant (Ballistol), sponge bar, and a 360/260 Lace carriage.  The lace carriage is sort of a luxury at this point since I don't have any cards, but it looks like it is coming with some useful items some claw weights, triangle weight hangers, possibly a set of Lace Cards.  Once all of the bits arrive I'll tear the machine down, clean things up and fire up some stockinette knitting.

I'm also working on a couple of related projects: a spreadsheet to figure yarn length for cone yarn; and a cheat sheet for all of the carriage levers what the do and when they can be used.

I work in electronics so I'm thinking of the lever cheat sheet as a truth table.  When I've had a chance to look at the carriage in person.  I'll know better which combinations are legitimate and which ones involve contradictory operations.

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