Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Reposting So You Don't Have to Hunt for My Position

It seems only fair that I let you know where I am coming from.
  1. Politics
    1. Conservative - I choose to look for the things worth retaining.
      1. In my experience change for the sake of change is usually a mistake.
      2. When change is required most of the time speed is a mistake.
      3. No plan is so perfect that it can not be improved by discussion.
    2. Finance - My position is that the United States should be run in the same way that individual citizens must. Our government at each level should be living within its means:
      1. Restricting its operations to core functions
        1. Public Safety
        2. Education Standards
      2. Maintaining the public infrastructure
        1. Roads
        2. Bridges
        3. Sanitation
    3. Constitution
      1. The founders wrote it so that the average man could read, understand and follow it.
      2. The founders were informed by history and understood that in the aggregate they were neither better nor worse than those who had come before them, and they had no expectation that their heirs would be any different.
  2. Religion
    1. Conservative
    2. Protestant - Methodist
    3. Evangelical -- Proclaiming the Good News

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